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The app, developed by Igor Solomennikov, who the team found through RentACoder. Apple’s new push notification feature free dating apps india update users’ networks with status updates. Users quickly came to use this as if it were an instant messaging service, planting the seed for what the app would become. 0 incorporated the messaging function that would come to be the app’s defining feature.

By this point it wasn’t only venture capital firms who were interested in the messaging service. Both founders have left the company based on these concerns. 5 billion monthly users over 180 countries. This crowns an extraordinary decade of relentless user growth.

Competition tails off abruptly at this stage. As the below graph shows, this eclipses the figures attained by the likes of Skype, Twitter or even parent company Facebook. It ranks third in terms of downloads, with Facebook and Facebook Messenger in the lead, despite the lower number of total users registered by the latter. This study measures the percentage of internet users outside of China who are members of popular apps, and what percentage are users. It sneaks ahead of Facebook Messenger on this metric, which suffers by virtue of a disparity between members and users of 17 percentage points. Marketer predict that Italy will overtake Spain over the course of 2019.

This is up marginally from the 21. 3 million posted a year before. In its home market, Facebook Messenger seems to be by far the more popular choice, with not too far shy of six times more users. This makes gives it the fourth-biggest total userbase of any social platform in the country. It may well be even higher than this by 2019. It finishes fourth in terms of downloads in India, with Facebook and Facebook Messenger topping this particular ranking. That said, usage is nearly as high in the 35-44 year old grouping, and declines relatively gradually as we go up through age groups.

The same applies across social and income grades. Usage is slightly higher among women than men. Similar trends are also apparent in terms of salary bands. Between 2017 and 2018, usage increased six-fold in this bracket.